Grade Point Average (GPA)

Grade Equivalents

Grade equivalents included in calculation of averages:

A+ 4.33 A 4.00 Excellent A- 3.67
B+ 3.33 B 3.00 Good B- 2.67
C+ 2.33 C 2.00 Fair C- 1.67
D+ 1.33 D 1.00 Passing D-  .67
E 0.00 Failing EW 0.00 Withdrew Failing

GPA Calculation

  • Total the grade equivalents from the list above.
  • Divide total by the number of grades.
  • Round to two decimal places.

Sample GPA Calculation

Fall Semester
A, B+, B-, C+
4.00+3.33+2.67+2.33 = 12.33
Fall GPA = 12.33/4 = 3.08

Spring Semester
B-, C+, C, D-, E
2.67+2.33+2.00+0.67+0.00 = 7.67
Spring GPA = 7.67/5 = 1.53

12.33+7.67 = 20.00/9 or 2.22


Symbols not included in calculation of averages:

S Satisfactory completion of a descriptively graded course — instructor’s comments attached (discontinued Fall 1994)
W Withdrew without credit or academic penalty
AU Successful audit
U Failure of a descriptively graded course—instructor’s comments attached (discontinued Fall 1994)
R Grade deferred
F Failure on an “extra” semester course or Winter Study Project
H Honors on a Winter Study Project (begun 1995)
X If X precedes letter grade, credit forfeited for failure to complete second half of year-long
P Pass on an “extra” semester course or Winter Study Project course
PP  Perfunctory pass on a Winter Study Project
Z  Grade not yet reported by instructor


A 12 point grade system was used from 1953-54 to 1979-80 with A+ equal to 12 and E (failing) equal to a -1.

From 1980-81 to 1983-84, the 12 point system was used with an A+ equal to 12 points, but the E (failing) equal to 0 points.

Since the 1984-85 academic year, the college grading system has been on a 4 point system.