Student Registration Timeline

Spring 2018

October 30 – November 6

    • All on-campus first-year and sophomore students must meet with an advisor prior to preregistering.
    • Preregister for four courses; there are no enrollment caps or instructor consent flags at this point.
    • If you preregister for a limited enrollment course, think about an alternative in case you are later dropped from the course.
    • If you preregister for a multi-sectioned course (including labs or conferences) you may later be assigned to a different section of the course.

November 7 – November 13

    • Departments review preregistration demand; some courses may be cancelled, some meeting times may be changed,  or extra sections added for high demand courses.
    • Students are notified by email of any course cancellations or meeting time changes.
    • Multi-sectioned courses are balanced by Friday, November 10.

November 13 – December 11

    • Instructors with overenrolled courses will review class lists and select students.
    • Any students dropped from overenrolled courses are notified by email.

January 5 – January 17

    • Friday, January 5 - Thursday, January 11: Registration is open only to students dropped from overenrolled or cancelled courses (this does not include being moved to another section in a multi-sectioned course); students receive an email reminder prior to these dates.
    • Friday, January 12 - Wednesday, January 17: Registration is open to all students; students not in the group above will receive an email reminder prior to these dates.
    • Students should consider their enrollment in courses secure at this point; any exceptions to this will be noted in emails sent prior to the re-opening of registration.
    • Students may make changes to registration within the constraints of enrollment caps and instructor consent flags set.

January 18 – January 28

    • Multi-sectioned courses are balanced again.
    • Administrative holds for drop/add are set.

January 29 – February 9

    • Check PeopleSoft for holds before drop/add opens and resolve any holds as early as possible.
    • Check your schedule in PeopleSoft—if you enrolled in a multi-sectioned course, you may be assigned to a different section.
    • First class meetings are on Wednesday, January 31 or Friday, February 2; organizational meetings will be on Wednesday evening, 1/31 for classes that do not normally meet Thursday or Friday.
    • After first class meetings, all classes require instructor consent to add, whether instructor consent is flagged in PeopleSoft or not. Always check with the instructor if you are adding a class after the first meeting.
    • You may add a fifth extra graded course.

April 23

  • Preregistration for Fall begins.