Once you opt-in and provide your pronouns via Williams Student Records, pronouns will appear on class rosters and in the Faculty Advisor Center. Pronouns will also automatically feed to GLOW and Williams Students Online (WSO).

Pronouns will be visible only to campus constituents who have login access to Williams Student Records, GLOW, and WSO—faculty, assigned academic advisors, classmates (GLOW), and campus community members (WSO).

Information about pronouns and the importance of respecting personal pronouns.

  • The process is simple, sign into Williams Student Records.

    From the home menu:

    Student Records tile > Profile tile > Personal Details > Biographic > Pronoun

    Select a pronoun from the drop down menu.

    The default for everyone is blank and you may opt in with your choice. You may change your pronoun at any time.


    Why should I select a pronoun?

    Informing the community of your pronouns helps everyone address you appropriately and respects everyone’s right to be addressed as they should be.

    What are the pronoun choices?

    The following list is not exhaustive:

    • she/her/hers
    • he/him/his
    • they/them/theirs
    • ze/zir/zirs
    • zhe/zher/zhers
    • name/name/name (e.g. Kris would like Kris' things for Kris)
    • other (fill in the blank with your personal pronoun)
  • As you navigate within Williams Student Records, you will find pronoun information appears in a variety of places.

    Instructors and advisors will be notified by email once per day if one or more of their students changes or adds a pronoun.

    For assigned advisee pronouns:

    • Main Menu > Self Service > Advisor Center > My Advisees
    • Main Menu > Self Service > Queries and Forms > My Advisee Information

    For all student pronouns enrolled in your class:

    • Main Menu > Self Service > Faculty Center > My Schedule and click the class roster icon to the left of your class section.
    • Main Menu > Self Service > Queries and Forms, Query Reports
      • Class Roster
      • Majors and Concentrations
      • Major Route Prospects