Off-Campus Course Approval

Use the Off-Campus Course Approval form for:

  • Making up course deficiencies (for withdrawn students this may be fall or spring courses).

If you would like an off-campus course to be applied toward your major/concentration and appear on your transcript without credit toward the degree, please have the department email approval to [email protected].

Familiarize yourself with off-campus course guidelines, exceptions that require Committee on Academic Standing (CAS) pre-approval, summer course deadlines, and required documentation.

Off-Campus Course Guidelines

  • must be approved in advance by the Registrar’s Office before you enroll
  • must be taken at a US regionally accredited college or university (courses taken outside the US must be pre-approved by submitting an explanation to the CAS of why the course must be taken outside the US)
  • must be of a liberal arts content that could be offered at Williams
  • must be at least 3 semester hours or 5 quarter hours credit
  • cannot duplicate or substantially overlap coursework completed or to be completed at Williams
  • will require additional approval of the academic department if the course will be used as a prerequisite equivalent or in the field of a declared or intended major or concentration
  • cannot be used to fulfill distribution requirements
  • cannot be massive open online courses (MOOCs) or self-paced online courses
  • Please note that language courses at the beginning levels require an entire year or two semesters to be able to receive credit for each semester.  Credit will ONLY be granted for the number of courses required to be made up per the Committee on Academic Standing.

Summer Course Deadlines

Most late summer sessions begin in early July with registration deadlines in June, so it’s important to plan ahead.

Form submissions are due no later than June 30.

Students required to take summer courses may not use the excuse that they missed the last date to register for summer courses.

Required Documentation

Prior to submitting the Off-Campus Course Approval form you will need to prepare:

  • course descriptions (copy/paste description, provide a direct link, or upload a file)
  • credit hours
  • start and end dates of the course
  • course meeting times

If applicable, also prepare:

  • an explanation on why a course needs to be taken outside the US, and submit the CAS Petition for pre-approval
  • an explanation for online courses that includes why the online course is necessary and details on the course structure (the degree of interaction with other enrolled students as well as with the instructor)

Questions can be addressed to Kath Dunlop, Registrar.