When choosing a campus name or changing your legal name, please consider the information below.

  • Your campus name is your legal name by default, but a student may request a different campus name. Please review the following information before requesting a new campus name.  You can view your name(s) on record and request a new campus name through Williams Student Records. Once your campus name is requested the updated name will roll out to all campus systems. This process may take up to a week, but most updates will appear within a day of your request.

    Where will my campus name appear?

    • Everywhere except as noted below. Faculty, academic, and administrative staff for the most part will only see your campus name.
    • You will need to get a new campus ID card from Campus Safety and Security. Turn in your old ID card with no charge for the new ID card. Your old ID card will be inactivated if the new card is not picked up from CSS within a reasonable time.
    •  [email protected] aliases are no longer being created, if you had one and would like that updated, email [email protected]

    Where will my legal name be required?

    • The Registrar’s Office, Controller (Bursar), and Payroll all submit external reports requiring your legal name and Health Services and CSS both need to have your legal name on record. However, your campus interactions with these offices will normally use your campus name. Financial Aid and Student Loan applications and documents require your legal name, but the office will use your campus name in communications.
    • Your official transcript, issued outside Williams, will use your legal name.
    • There are some instances where you may need to give your legal name to a faculty or staff person:
      • Travel arrangements for courses, athletics or other activities may require your legal name.
      • Applications for fellowships or internships through Williams may require your legal name.
      • If you are asking a faculty member to write a letter of recommendation supporting an application, you may need to supply your legal name to that faculty member.

    Will my legal name persist or be available on some documents? Yes. Here are the areas your legal name will appear:

    • High school and college transcripts, including study away or summer school transcripts, generally will use your legal name and these are available to faculty and academic staff. Filed petitions such as major and concentration declarations, independent study, and WSP 99 forms are also available to faculty and academic staff. If you wish that your legal name be redacted from these documents, you may make that request to the Registrar’s Office.
    • Although Williams will make every effort to update your campus name in a comprehensive way, there may be existing lists, forms, etc., which include your legal name. Administrative staff, faculty, and academic staff have all been made aware of the campus name policy and will treat existing lists and documents with sensitivity. If you find that your legal name has persisted in a place that doesn’t seem appropriate to you, please contact the Registrar’s Office.
  • Transgender students may find that the campus name policy does not provide the privacy desired. Contact the Registrar's Office for separate accommodations for the following:

    • On request, the college can redact your legal name from prior documents and external transcripts available to faculty, advisors, and academic staff.

    Your legal name will continue to appear on legal documents such as your official transcript, college bills, paychecks, and financial aid reports. If you are planning to legally change your name in the future, there are advantages to doing so before you graduate. To fully understand the nuances of using your campus name, please contact [email protected] to discuss the process in more detail.