Independent Study

A petition for Independent Study (e.g., 297, 298, 397, 398, 497, 498) should be submitted before the beginning of the semester in which the independent study will be taken, but no later than the last day of drop/add period.

Carefully read course descriptions for independent studies—departments may have special criteria or deadlines.

After independent study plans have been discussed with a faculty sponsor, submit the Independent Study form.

  • Students should not submit the form until they have discussed their proposed independent study with a faculty sponsor.
  • Faculty sponsors should not submit the form until they have chair approval.
  • Submissions will be automatically forwarded to faculty sponsors and chairs.
  • Once the Registrar’s Office receives the faculty sponsor’s form, we will register a student for a unique section, with the faculty sponsor listed as instructor.

When pre-registering for an independent study, also register for the course in Williams Student Records.

If adding during drop/add, the faculty sponsor form is considered instructor consent and the course will be added to your schedule.