Student Academic Information

Navigate Main Menu > Self Service > Advisor Center > My Advisees. For assigned advisees, click the  link; for other students, click the  button, search by name or id. Then click .

The top section, Institution/Career/Program displays:

  • Status – current students will be ‘Active’; graduated students will be ‘Completed’; withdrawn students will be ‘Discontinued’.
  • Plans are majors, concentrations, certificates or pre-professional interests; Sub-plans are routes within a major or concentration, or for a sophomore a sub-plan indicates a prospective major.

The lower section of the page has term by term information on withdrawals, class level, courses and grades and cumulative statistics. Click on each term link for term specific information.

In the first section, the Academic Standing Status will display any academic probation status; ‘data unavailable’ means no probation status. The Level/Load section displays class standing – look at Academic Level Projected or End, not Start.

If a student withdrew, the term information will display the withdrawal information. The withdrawal reason is not displayed.

The Classes section displays grades for a completed semester. The display includes dropped as well as enrolled courses and can become quite messy for a student with a lot of drop/add activity, but the quick term to term information can be handy.

The Statistics information includes term and cumulative totals. The display may vary depending on whether the term is completed at Williams, or completed on study away, or in progress. Units toward GPA will include graded or extra graded courses; the extra graded courses are excluded from ‘Passed’. Units Not for GPA may include pass/fail courses, WSP courses, transfer credit or course withdrawals.

To view this information for another assigned advisee, you can select another name from the  dropdown and click . To view this information for a student not assigned as your advisee, you can click  and search on student name or id.