Query Reports

Navigate Main Menu > Self Service > Queries and Forms.

Queries available are:

  • Class roster – class list with major/concentration, address, phone, e-mail and pronoun info for each student
  • Majors and Concentrations – lists for a major, concentration or preprofessional group with address, phone, e-mail and pronoun info for each student
  • Major Route Prospects – lists for sophomore prospective majors or junior/senior majors in a specific route with address, phone e-mail and pronoun info for each student.
  • Section Enrollments – enrollment, caps, instructor consent flags, meeting times and rooms for sections of a course.
  • Department Term Enrollments – department enrollment, enrollment cap and instructor consent information for a specific term.
  • Advisee info for assigned first-year and sophomore advisees.  This is specific to the user.

Links to forms to report an unsatisfactory grade or grade change are also available here or on the faculty center grade roster.

Click the query report wanted.   

  • This opens a new window with prompts to be answered. If you have pop-ups blocked the new window will not open; unblock pop-ups.
  • Answer the prompts (use the Lookup button  to search for valid values) and click the View Results button.  If you want to run multiple reports in the same query, you can re-enter new values in the prompt and click View Results again.
  • The results can be downloaded to Excel. Directions follow for downloading and formatting in Excel and for copying e-mail addresses from the Excel file to your e-mail software.
  • Click to close the Query results window.

In the Class Roster, Major/Concentration, and Subplan queries:

  • Majors report the most recent major(s) (declared major(s) for incoming Juniors following April Prereg). Double or triple majors are strung into one field.
  • Majors and Subplans reports either a major/concentration route, e.g. ART/ARTS or a sophomore prospective major, e.g. ZZFS/ENGL. Sophomore prospective major information is collected from incoming sophomores during April preregistration and available until the following April when these students are incoming juniors formally declaring majors.
  • Concentrations reports the most recent concentration(s), strung into one field if the student has more than one.
  • Preprofessional reports Pre-med or Pre-engineering.

Majors/Concentrations/Preprofessional Lists

  • Class is the 2-digit grad-year, e.g. 19 for the class of 2019.
  • Academic Plan is the 3- or 4-character code, e.g. ENGL or MUS.  Plans may be majors, concentrations or preprofessional groups, e.g. NSCI or PMED.

Major Routes/Sophomore Possible Majors

  • Class is the 2-digit grad-year e.g. 19 for the class of 2019.
  • Acad Plan/Subplan is the Plan/Subplan e.g. ART/ARTS, ZZFS/ENGL.  Use the Lookup for valid values.

Class Rosters

  • Term – Fall 18=1191, WSP 19=1192, Spring 19=1193. Use the Lookup for valid values
  • Subject – 3- or  4-letter code, e.g. ENGL, MUS
  • Catalog Nbr –  3-digit for fall/spring, 2-digit for WSP.  Lookup will give you scheduled class numbers for the term for the subject selected.
  • Class Section –  2-digit or character, e.g. 01, T1 for tutorials.  Lookup will give you scheduled sections for the course number selected

For a cross-listed course, only one query is needed to report all students enrolled for the combined course.  The ‘Registered For’ column indicates the student’s actual registration in these courses.

Class Section Enrollments

  • Term – Fall 18=1191, WSP 19=1192, Spring 19=1193. Use the Lookup for valid values.
  • Subject – 3- or  4-letter code, e.g. ENGL, MUS
  • Catalog Nbr –  3-digit for fall/spring, 2-digit for WSP.  Lookup will give scheduled course numbers for the term and the subject selected.

Enrollment numbers for cross-listed courses are the combined numbers.

Department Term Enrollments

  • Term – Fall 18 = 1191; WSP 19 = 1192, Spring 19 = 1193
  • Dept – 3 or 4-letter code, e.g. ANSO, MUS

Total Enrollment reflects the department’s enrollment for a cross-listed course; Total Enrollment Combined reflects the combined enrollment.

My Advisee Information

Assigned first-year and sophomore advisees for the specific user are listed.

Viewing and downloading Query results

Once you click View Results, query will open another window.  You can scroll through output or download the output to Excel.


To download to Excel, click the Excel SpreadSheet link.

  • To format,
    • Click the uppermost cell (above row 1, left of column A) to highlight the entire spreadsheet
    • Click Format, click Column, click AutoFormat Selection.  This will fit the columns to the data length.
  • To save
    • Click the Save button and click OK to the Read-Only warning.  Or Click File, click Save As.
    • In the Save As box, select a Save location, name your file and select MicroSoft Excel Workbook (*.xlsx) under Save as type.
    • Click OK to save.

Creating Contact Groups in GoogleMail or Outlook from E-mail Address Lists

  • Open up the Excel Spreadsheet or text file containing the email address list.
  • Select (highlight) the list of names and click Copy under the Home menu.
  • In Google Contacts
    • click New Group, Enter an appropriate group name in the name box and click OK.
    • Under My Contacts, click on the new group name then click on the Add to “ the new group name” button  at the top of the page.  A small box will open below the button.
    • Paste the list of email addresses into the box and click ‘Add’.
    • (or use Google Help for Creating Groups)
  • In Outlook Contacts,
    • on the Home tab, in the New group, click New Items, and then click Contact Group.
    • In the Name box, type a name for the Contact Group.
    • On the Contact Group tab, in the Members group, click Add Members, and then click either From Outlook Contacts or From Address Book.
    • At the bottom of the Select Members dialog box, in the Members box, right-click, and then click Paste and OK
    • Click Save & Close
    • (or use Outlook Help for Creating Groups)