Faculty Center

Navigate Main Menu > Self Service > Faculty Center > My Schedule. The Faculty center contains information only for users with teaching assignments; there will be no information for users who are advisors only or for academic support staff.

The term on the Faculty Center will default, not necessarily to the current term. Make a habit of checking the term displayed.


If you wish to change the term, click  and select the term wanted from the term array. Teaching faculty will have all teaching terms listed in reverse chronological order.

The Faculty Center displays enrollments for each assigned class section as well as linked buttons for class rosters and grade rosters. NOTE: Displayed section enrollments, class rosters and grade rosters are not combined for cross-listed courses; the Williams query reports for Class Roster and Class Section Enrollments do combine enrollments for cross-listed courses. The Class Roster and Class Section Enrollment queries give combined information for cross-listed courses and give access to class information for other instructors for faculty with departmental responsibilities.

  • Clicking  to the left of a class section links to the class roster (click the icon, not the class roster link).
  • Clicking  to the left of a class section links to the grade roster (click the icon, not the grade roster link). (Grade rosters are generated at mid-semester for advisories; the grade roster icon will not appear until then.)

At the bottom of the page, the final exam schedule is available.

The exam schedule does not begin to display until the beginning of each semester. Once the instructor has informed the Registrar’s Office of the exam type, that will begin to display under the Exam Time column. The assigned date and time for scheduled exams is posted within two weeks after drop/add and instructors are notified by e-mail at the point the schedule is final. Exam rooms for scheduled exams are posted shortly before the end of the semester.