Class Lists


Class list information is available either through the Faculty Center, My Schedule tab or through the Queries and Forms menu, Class Roster Query.

Navigate Main Menu > Self Service > Faculty Center > My Schedule. Check the term selected and change if necessary.

In the Faculty Center Teaching Schedule, click the  icon to the left of the class section. Do not click directly to the  link; you will just need to go back to the  link and click .

NOTE: If the course is cross-listed, each listing will have a separate class roster. For a combined class roster, use the Class Roster Query.

To view a different class roster, click  or .

Photos can be viewed for an individual student by clicking on the  icon in the photo column or changing the display option  to include photos in list. With the display option set to ‘include’, you can click View All or click through the ‘1 of …’ arrows  to see all photos.

E-mail can be sent from the Class Roster by:

  • Clicking the link on a student’s name. This opens a new message with the e-mail software available on the pc, to the student’s campus e-mail address.
  • Clicking the Notify checkbox next to selected students, then clicking the  button, or clicking the  button for all students on the class roster. Either button opens a compose mail message screen with e-mail addresses for the selected students. The e-mail is sent from [email protected] with a subject of <from the desk of [sender]>; replies will go to the sender.  Group e-mails are received individually by each recipient, masking the remainder of the group.  Cc: yourself to retain a record of who you sent the e-mail to.

A class roster can also be downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet using the Class Roster Query link under the Queries and Forms submenu (see instructions for running and downloading query output.) The Class Roster query produces a combined classlist for cross-listed courses and includes campus and e-mail addresses, cell phone numbers and more detailed major/concentration/pre-professional information.

For more detailed information on students enrolled in a class section, you can run the Academic Progress Report by Course under the Student Info and Holds submenu.