Class Enrollments (department or other faculty)

The Faculty Center information in PeopleSoft is specific to the user. You may need to access teaching information for other courses besides your own. The Class Section Enrollment, the Class Roster or the Department Term Enrollment queries or the PeopleSoft Class Search can be used. The queries can be used for any past, current or future semesters. The Class Search only has current and future terms available.

Queries under the Queries and Forms Submenu

  • The Class Section Enrollment Query can be run for any course. The query includes combined enrollment information for cross-listed courses.
  • The Class Roster Query can also be run for any course and is a combined list for cross-listed courses.
  • The Department Term Enrollments query can be run for any term and includes both department and combined enrollments.

PeopleSoft Class Search

Navigate to the class search either by Main Menu > Self Service > Class Search > Class Search or Main Menu > Self Service > Faculty Center > My Schedule and click the  tab. The Class Search can be used to find all courses for a subject or a specific instructor’s teaching assignments in a specific term.

The Class Search is available for current and future terms only. Check the term and change if necessary.

If you want to search for courses with a specific instructor, click the arrow next to ‘Additional Seach Criteria’ and search by the instructor last name.

Click  to view results.

Clicking the class number or section link  will drill down to additional class details, including Instructor or Department Consent if it is set, Enrollment Caps and Enrollments.