Advisor Student Center

Navigate Self Service > Advisor Center > My Advisees. For assigned advisees, click the  link; for other students, click the  button, search by name or id. Then click if the display is not there.

The Student Center is a snapshot of information:

  • the student’s current class schedule displays
  • for incoming first-year students, preregistration requests can be viewed under the ‘Shopping Cart’ link – first-year preregistrations are held in the shopping cart until late June when they are loaded to student class schedules.
  • from the ‘other academic’ dropdown, you can check a student’s exam schedule, first-year warnings orgrades by term. A more convenient term-by-term final grade snapshot is available under the  tab.
  • Information on Holds is available following the Details link, but better hold details are available on the  tab.
  • the assigned first-year or sophomore advisor displays
  • the ‘Personal Information’ section includes home address and phone, Paresky address and campus e-mail address. More address, phone and e-mail information is available under the  tab.

To view this information for another assigned advisee, you can select another name from the  dropdown and click . To view this information for a student not assigned as your advisee, you can click  and search on student name or id.