Advisor Center

You can access information for all students, assigned advisees and others, through the Advisor Center.

Navigate Main Menu > Self Service > Advisor Center > View My Advisees.

Photos can be viewed for an individual student by clicking on the  icon in the photo column or changing the display option  to include photos in list. With the display option set to ‘include’, you can click View All or click through the ‘1 of …’ arrows  to see all photos.

For assigned advisees, click the  link to view additional information for that student.

For students not assigned as advisees, click the  button and search by name or id.

A set of three pages is available for each student

  •  displays the current semester schedule with links to the student’s exam schedule, home address and phone number, and campus mailbox and e-mail addresses.
  •  displays holds for release, addresses, phones and e-mail addresses.
  •  displays the student’s program information, with majors, concentrations, pre-professional interests and certificates, and the student’s term summary for each term with grades, cumulative gpa, and any probation or withdrawal information.