Advisee General Information

Navigate Self Service > Advisor Center > My Advisees. For assigned advisees, click the  link; for other students, click the  button, search by name or id. Then click .


  • Active Holds (Service Indicators) for the student. Advisors can remove the Advising Holds.
  • Campus, Dorm, Home and Mail addresses display. If a student has graduated or withdrawn, these addresses still display, but the status may be Inactive on all but Home. The Home Address is not currently maintained after graduation, unless the student has updated it online.
  • Mobile (cell), Dorm and Home Phones display. The Mobile and Home phones will display after a student graduates or withdraws, but are not currently maintained and may not be accurate.
  • Email Addresses display. The Home e-mail address is collected during the admission process and is not maintained after matriculation, so may not be accurate.

To view this information for another assigned advisee, you can select another name from the  dropdown and click . To view this information for a student not assigned as your advisee, you can click  and search on student name or id.