Here you will find information about the duties and membership of the Committee on Educational Affairs (CEA).

  • Curriculum Timeline

    Due January 31: Major Revisions

    2018-2019 Status

    We need to know which courses will be removed from your department’s list of offered courses.

    • Indicate the status of each course on your department’s Google spreadsheet.
    • Some interdisciplinary listings will not have a spreadsheet.
    Curricular Revisions Report

    Please prepare your department’s annual Curricular Revisions Report (fka Course Package) for the CEA. All significant changes to your department's curriculum should be included in this report.

    You received links to your department’s spreadsheet and document in an email. If you need this information again, contact Amanda Turner.

    Email Amanda Turner by January 31 and let her know your 2018-19 status spreadsheet and report are complete—be sure to save copies of both the spreadsheet and document for your records.

    New/Substantially Revised/Previously Discontinued Courses

    Courses that need to be submitted via the online Course form and reviewed by the CEA:

    •       New
    •       Substantially revised
    •       Previously discontinued

    All faculty should review the Course Description Checklist prior to submitting a course to ensure submissions are complete and adhere to established guidelines.

    Course form submissions will automatically be forwarded to the chair and administrative assistant.

    Due February 15: Minor Revisions

    Catalog Copy

    Any changes in the catalog copy that do not require CEA/Faculty approval (this includes your “masthead” and your course listings):

    • Make changes directly to the Google doc you received.
    • There is no need to review courses that are “Secondary Cross-listings” in your department/program, other than confirmation that those cross-listings have been approved.

    Email Angela Copeland by February 15 and let her know your catalog copy edits are complete—save a copy for your records.

    Due February 23: Class Hours

    For information about class hours:

    • Please refer to the email from the Registrar’s Office with the subject line “Class Hour Requests 2018-19"
    • Class Hour instructions can also help guide you through the process.