Faculty & Staff

  • Go to Williams College Classrooms for a preview of campus classrooms.

    Office of Information Technology can provide additional information on the technical equipment in classrooms.

    For faculty or staff who require ADA classroom accommodations, contact Toya Camacho, Assistant VP of Institutional Diversity and Equity.

    If you need to change your room assignment for a course you are teaching, please submit the Classroom Change Request form.

    All other room reservation requests should be made through the online scheduling system.

    Please note that academic courses take precedent during Division of the Day hours and the Registrar reserves the right to bump events if needed for an academic course. We will do our best to avoid bumping, but if this occurs you will be informed of next steps.

  • When submitting grades remember—you can post grades without having all grades for your class entered.

    No change in grade may be made on the basis of retesting or work completed after a grade has been submitted other than in the case of an official incomplete.

    If an incorrect grade was posted, the Grade Change form must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the last day of the full term following the term in which the course was taken.

    Faculty can access the following grading forms via Williams Student Records > Self Service > Queries and Forms > Useful Links

    • Unsatisfactory Grade
    • Incomplete or Deferred Grade
    • Grade Change
  • Every year, the Registrar's Office assists the Committee on Educational Affairs (CEA) and the Calendar and Schedule Committee (CSC) in the process of establishing course offerings and the schedule for the upcoming academic year.

    See the CEA and the CSC sites for:

    • Policies
    • Links to online forms
    • Procedures
    • Deadlines
  • Williams College has reserved these hours for academic courses:

    • 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday
    • 7:00 pm - 9:40 pm, Monday and Wednesday

    All extracurricular activities should be scheduled outside these hours.

    This rule, which is overseen by the Calendar and Schedule Committee (CSC), is called the "Division of the Day."

    The CSC needs to approve mid-semester evening exam times, as well as be informed of field trips and other exceptions to the Division of the Day:

    View approved evening exam times and exceptions.

    On the Calendar and Schedule Committee page you can find Division of the Day guidelines and other pertinent calendar and schedule information.

  • The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student records.

    Faculty and staff are required to have a basic understanding of Williams College FERPA Guidelines before access is granted to Williams Student Records. Once access is granted, these guidelines should be reviewed at the beginning of every semester.

    Test your knowledge with our FERPA Tutorial!

    If you have any questions regarding specific situations, contact the Registrar's Office.

  • Students may choose to be known on campus by a name other than their legal name—read more about name options.

    Williams recognizes the importance of respecting personal pronouns. Students may now indicate their pronouns via Williams Student Records.

  • Registration Process

    1. Students register during Winter Study registration period (caps are not enforced).
    2. Students are dropped from courses by the Registrar’s Office per instructor.
      • Seniors will be given preference for any openings that remain after initial selections have been assigned.
    3. Caps enforced for the next registration round—"Last Chance" Winter Study registration period.
    4. Students dropped during the first Winter Study registration period register during "Last Chance" Winter Study registration.
    5. Any students still not registered for a Winter Study course will be contacted by the Registrar's Office.
      • Once your course reaches capacity, it is closed and you are done.
      • You will not be contacted if there are open seats in your course.

    Courses may not be cancelled because of low enrollment until all students have been registered following both rounds of registration.

    More information about the student registration process can be found at Winter Study Registration.