Degree Requirements at a Glance

All course requirements listed below are expected to be completed by the end of the year indicated. Students seeking exceptions must submit a petition to the Committee on Academic Standing (CAS) in advance.

Academic Progress Report (APR)

The APR is a helpful tool—comparing the summary information on your APR to the requirements allows you to quickly see your progress.

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How to Read the Academic Progress Report (APR) can help you decipher the report.

Distribution Requirements

First-Year Sophomore Junior Senior
Writing Skills (WS) 1 1
Difference, Power, and Equity (DPE)


Recommended sophomore year, CAS Petition not required, must complete by end of senior year.

Quantitative/Formal Reasoning (QFR) 1
Division I: Language & Arts* 2 1
Division II: Social Studies* 2 1
Division III: Science & Math* 2 1

*Students are required to take 3 courses with at least 2 different prefixes in each division.

First-years and sophomores should be aware of the Early Concentration Rules to make sure their course selection meets the required prefix variety.

Additional Requirements

First-Year Sophomore Junior Senior
Physical Education Units 2 2
Winter Study (see COVID-19 policy addendum) 1 1 1 1
  • Complete 32 courses (see COVID-19 policy addendum):
  • May only repeat courses they have received an E or W in.
  • Must declare a major by the end of sophomore year and complete the requirements of at least one major with a GPA of C- or better.
  • Must have a C- or better overall GPA.
  • Spend 8 semesters in residence:
    • 2 of the 8 may be spent enrolled in an approved Study Away program (Williams-Exeter Programme at Oxford University and Williams-Mystic Maritime Studies Program not subject to the same limitations).
    • Be in residence both semesters senior year.

Read Degree Requirements in the catalog for complete details.