International Baccalaureate Placement Guide

Williams College Class of 2027

Make sure to reference individual department notes cited below.

Test HL Score Major Course Credit Eligible to Enroll
Anthropology 7 ANTH 101 Upper level ANTH
Biology 1-4 No advanced placement
5-7 Department assigns
Chemistry All Department assigns Department assigns
Chinese All Department assigns
Computer Science 1-5 CSCI 134
6, 7 Department assigns
Economics 6, 7 Department assigns
English 1-5 No advanced placement
6, 7 ENGL 200- or 300-level
French All Department assigns
Geography All No advanced placement
History All No advanced placement
Japanese All Department assigns
Mathematics 1-3 MATH 130
4, 5 MATH 140
6, 7 MATH 150, 151, or 200
Philosophy All No advanced placement
Physics 1-5 No advanced placement
6,7 Department assigns Department assigns
Political Science All No advanced placement
Psychology 1-5 No advanced placement
6, 7 PSYC 200-level
Russian All Department assigns
Spanish All Department assigns
Statistics All Department assigns
Theatre All Department assigns
Visual Arts All No advanced placement

Major Course Credit

This means credit for a specific course in a major is awarded.  If major course credit is blank, there is no reduction in the number of courses required for that major.

Department Assigns

Those departments that assign placement do so on the basis of department placement exams, to be administered during First Days, and/or consultation with the student.


Students may replace ANTH 101 with an upper level elective.


Placement depends on department exam results. While a placement exam is not necessary to enroll in BIOL 101 or BIOL 102, it is required to place out of BIOL 101 or 102. To be eligible to take the placement exam, students need a score of 5, 6 or 7 on the IB exam or permission from the chair of the department.


Students are required to take the online chemistry placement survey and to have a follow-up meeting with the department for placement during First Days. Students are encouraged to contact one of the CHEM 100 or CHEM 101 instructors with questions.

Computer Science

Students should consult with the department to confirm appropriate placement.


Placement depends on department evaluation.


Placement depends on HL score and department placement exam results.


Placement depends on department exam results.


Placement depends on department evaluation.


Placement depends on HL score, department placement exam results, and individual conferences.


Placement depends on department exam results.


Students should confer with the department about proper placement.