View Update Addresses

Click the Student Records Tile on the Home page, then the Profile tile to view or update addresses.

Students may have four address types:

  • Campus – your SU Building and Box #; maintained by the Campus Post Office.
  • Dorm/Local – your dorm, room number and entry if living on campus; your local address if living off-campus; maintained by the Campus Life Office
  • Home – your permanent home address; you can update this online.
  • Mailing –
    • your SU Box during semesters enrolled at Williams or during summer if you have requested that your SU Box stay open for the summer.
    • a temporary address (other than home) during the summer or while on leave.  Any summer or on leave address is used by the Campus Post Office to forward first-class mail.  If you need mail forwarded outside the U.S., you  need to negotiate mailing costs with the Campus Post Office.
    • To submit a temporary summer or on/leave address, click on the Temporary Summer Addresses link, fill out the form and click submit.  Temporary mailing addresses are maintained by the Registrar’s Office.

To update your home address, click or tap in the home address lines.  Make updates and Save.


If you update your Home address,

  • please also remember to update your Home (landline) Phone number if necessary.
  • if your parents’ address is the same as yours, updating your home address will also update your parent’s home address.  You can verify this under the Parent/Guardian Information link.