View Names/Request a Campus Name

Students each have a legal, campus, and degree name recorded in PeopleSoft.

  • Legal name is usually first name, middle initial and last name.
  • Campus name defaults to the legal name but students can request a campus name.  See the Campus Name Policy for more information.
  • The degree name, usually the full legal name, is used on the diploma and commencement bulletin.  The Registrar’s Office will verify how you want your name listed during the semester prior to commencement.

Click the Student Records Tile on the Home page, then the Profile tile, then look under Personal Details/Personal to view names

Click or tap on a name to see more detail.

To request a Campus (Preferred) name separate from your legal name, submit the Campus Name Change Form.

The request once submitted will be reviewed the next business day.  If there are any questions, the Registrar’s Office may contact you.  Once processed, the new campus name will spread out to other campus systems, replacing the legal name.