View Grades

There are several ways to view your grades, either through the classic Main Menu or through the Student Records tile.

Classic main menu – Navigate Main Menu > Self Service > Enrollment > View My Grades.

The term may default to the current term or you may first see a Select Term array. Click  to change the semester.

In Term Statistics section:

  • Units Toward GPA includes any graded or extra-graded A-E courses.
  • Units Not for GPA includes transfer credit toward the degree, pass/fail for credit and Winter Study credits
  • The cumulative statistics are as of the term selected, i.e. your cum GPA at the end of that term.

To view another term’s grades, click  and select another term from the array.

Student Records Tile – From the Home menu, click the Student Records tile , then the Academic Records tile .

The Course History option will list all in progress and completed courses with grades and any transfer credit and placement or transfer credit course equivalents.

View grades displays grades and grade points for the selected term.

Clicking the > arrow next to term or cumulative GPA will give details of credits earned and GPA calculation.