View Class Schedule

To view your schedule as a list or on a weekly grid,

  • navigate Main Menu > Self Service > Student Center, or
  • navigate Main Menu > Self Service > Enrollment > My Class Schedule or > My Weekly Schedule, or
  • use the Class Schedule tab of the enrollment pages menu
  • .

On the Student Center, the schedule displays for the current date relative to the academic calendar. As soon as one term ends, the next term’s schedule will display.

To view your schedule in list form, select the Class Schedule link under   and click ; to view your schedule in a grid format, click .

In My Class Schedule, you may first see a Term Select list if multiple terms are available to view. Only current and future semesters are available under My Class Schedule.

If you wish to display dropped courses. click  and click .

In the Weekly Calendar View, the week displayed will default to the beginning of the term or the current date.

Click  or  to view a different week, or update the date in  and click .