Request Your APR or Internal Transcript

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Click either  or . The report will be sent to your Williams e-mail address as a link to a secure .pdf within PeopleSoft.  If you have logged out while waiting for the e-mail link, you will be prompted to log back in.

APR’s and Internal Transcripts are intended for use internal to Williams. Use the Request an Official Transcript link if you need to send official or unofficial transcripts outside Williams.

Both APR’s and Internal transcripts contain:

  • Enrolled courses and grades
    • On the APR, courses are sorted by division and subject to make review for progress toward distribution and major requirements easier.
    • On the Internal transcript, courses are sequential by term.
  • Test/placement results with recommended placement and equivalent courses granted for AP, IB, A-Levels or Williams Placement exams
    • All test results will have an assigned FYPL course with the title indicating the recommended placement. This may be ‘No advanced placement’, ‘First-days Exam/Consult Department’ or a specific course or course level. If course equivalents are awarded as well, the course title for the Williams equivalent course may have (PL) or (EQ) in the title.
      • (PL) indicates that the course can be used as a prerequisite for higher level courses, but you also may choose to take the course at Williams.
      • (EQ) indicates that the course can be used as a prerequisite for higher level courses and the course cannot be repeated at Williams without approval of the department.
  • Transfer Credit information. This will include the source of the credit, a TRAN course with the title indicating the reason for credit (study away, etc.), and any course equivalents. Some course equivalents will be directly equivalent to Williams courses; others will be elective courses indicating completion of major requirements. Credit earned will display along with grades: T (credit earned), TW (WSP credit earned), TZ (in progress or pending receipt of transcript), or TM (credit toward major requirements).
  • Counters for various college distribution requirements and for the PE requirement.
  • Notes from CAS decisions, or substitutions or waivers to major or college requirements.