Request an Official or Unofficial Transcript

Former students who do not have an active PeopleSoft account can request official transcripts through the National Student Clearinghouse.

Current students with an active PeopleSoft account can connect to the Clearinghouse by navigating Self Service>Academic Records > Request Official Transcript.  By logging in through PeopleSoft, your identity is validated. Therefore, no signed consent form is required.

More Information About the Types of Transcripts

Williams provides students with four versions of their academic record:

  • Official paper transcript (on purple, heat sensitive security paper which includes the Williams College seal); this version can be delivered to you or to the 3rd party(ies) you have indicated. You need to let us know if the transcript needs to be in a signed and sealed envelope.
  • Official, certified electronic transcript (PDF) (A certified electronic transcript will contain the original registrar’s digital signature and Williams College’s official watermark seal as well as the “blue ribbon” certification icon marked at the top of Adobe Reader); this version can be delivered to you or to the 3rd party(ies) you have indicated.
  • Unofficial paper transcript (only available for pick-up, by regular mail or fax)–The unofficial paper transcript looks the same as the Official transcript, with the word “UNOFFICIAL” printed at the top of the document—typically you would use this version for your own purpose or if you were sending it to another Williams College office.
  • Internal “Academic Progress Report” (APR) (you can access this directly through PeopleSoft; the APR includes placement test information and “notes” about your record which do not appear on the official or unofficial transcript)

More detailed information on transcripts.

If you have any questions about transcript ordering, please contact the Registrar’s Office:

Phone: 413-597-4286

Email: [email protected]