Designate a Fifth Course

You may designate a fifth course only during the drop/add period in September or February. The grading basis for a fifth course is ‘Extra Graded’.

If you add a fifth course during drop/add, one course must be designated as Extra Graded.  You can designate a course as Extra Graded at the same time as adding the course, or you can change the grading basis after you have enrolled in courses.

When adding or swapping a class, the Enrollment Preferences page appears after selecting the class section from search or entering the class number.

Click the dropdown , click Extra Graded and then click  to proceed with adding the course. If the  dropdown is not available on the Enrollment Preferences page, or if the dropdown includes only the Graded option, the course cannot be designated as a fifth course.

You can also designate a course as Extra Graded after you have enrolled and you can change a course designated as Extra Graded back to Graded. Navigate Main Menu > Self Service > Enrollment > Enrollment: Edit a Class or click to the ‘edit’ tab of the enrollment pages if you are already in the Enrollment menu.

The term may default or you may first need to select the term you want. If the term defaults to the incorrect term, you can click the  button to select another term.

Select the course to designate as your fifth course from the dropdown under Classes you are allowed to edit, then click (If a course is allowed only on a graded basis, it will not be available in the dropdown). If you have selected a lab or conference course, you may next see pages for enrollment in the related lab or lecture section.

Select the grading basis and click (If the dropdown includes only the Graded option, the course cannot be designated as a fifth course.)

Click .

and check for Success  or Errors . Click  to confirm the grading basis change.

You are limited to one course designated as Extra Graded.  Until the end of drop/add you can switch which course is Extra Graded by updating the grading options as above.  If you designate one course as Extra Graded, then drop a regularly graded course, make sure you change the Extra Graded course back to graded.  By the end of drop/add, you must have four regularly graded courses on your schedule.