Class Search

For initial class searches and for specific course information, we recommend that you first use the Registrar’s catalog. The catalog search provides more detail in search for courses to fit specific requirements. During mid-registration and drop/add periods, the catalog displays the open or closed status of a course as well as any instructor or department consent, by drilling down to the semester listing or further to the detailed course description. The course description available in the catalog has more information on detailed course requirements than the PeopleSoft class search.

In PeopleSoft, you can search for classes

  • from the   button on the Student Center, or
  • from the Class Search tab on the enrollment pages, , or
  • by navigating Main Menu > Self Service > Class Search/Browse Catalog > Class Search, or
  • during the first step of adding a class
  • or during the first step of swapping a class
  • .

Starting outside the add or swap functions, you may need to first change the default term, .

You must use at least 1 criteria in addition to the defaults. Click the arrow in  for more criteria.

After selecting your criteria, click .

Class Search results list meeting times and rooms, instructors, and open  or closed  status. To see whether a course is instructor consent or to see prerequisites or class attributes, click the class number or section links .

Class attributes (division, QFR, Writing Intensive, EDI or major/concentration) will display under Enrollment Information. Any prerequisites or instructor or department consent will be also be listed under the Enrollment Information section. If not displayed, the course does not require consent or prerequisites (check the catalog description, since not all prerequisites are system enforced.)

If a course is cross-listed, all listings will display under Combined Section; how you choose to register for the course may depend on how the course counts toward divisional distribution requirement or major/concentration requirements.

To see whether a course section would fit your current schedule, click  in the Search Results page

Searching for classes from the Add Classes or Swap Classes works in the same way with the difference that you can directly select the class for your add or swap request.

Check for the open status and click the section link  to check for instructor consent or prerequisites. Click  from Search Results or  from Class Details to select the section to add.