Class of 2022

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Placement Guides

  • Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate

    At the discretion of the appropriate departments or programs, students presenting satisfactory scores in Advanced Placement tests or International Baccalaureate higher level examinations may be placed in advanced courses not regularly open to them and/or may receive course credit toward the major or concentration. Therefore, if granted, this credit may be used as a prerequisite or in partial fulfillment of the major or concentration requirements.

    AP and IB credit may not be used to:

    • reduce the normal course load of a semester
    • make up a deficiency incurred at Williams
    • satisfy the Distribution Requirement

    AP Guide: Class of 2021

    IB Guide: Class of 2021

  • Degree Credit Based on A-Level Examination Grades

    Upon petition from the student, the Committee on Academic Standing may award two course credits toward the Williams degree for each grade of A or B received on an A-Level Examination in a liberal arts discipline. These credits may be used to accelerate graduation but may not be used to lower the course load during a semester in residence.

    Normally, a student must have completed at least one full year of study at Williams and have met minimum academic standards before the CAS will consider the petition. The petition must include certification that all degree requirements, including a major, can be fulfilled if the credit is awarded.