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Changing Fall Courses


Online registration will re-open for course changes:

  • 8/6 – 8/18 for students dropped from overenrolled or cancelled courses
  • 8/13 – 8/18 for students not dropped from overenrolled or cancelled courses

Enrollment caps are set; some courses are closed.

Overenrolled courses have been reviewed, dropped students have been notified by 8/5, instructor consent flags are set on courses with waitlists.

For courses that are open and not instructor or department consent, spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Enrollments in multi-sectioned courses have been balanced, and will be balanced again after 8/18.

  • Any student dropped from an overenrolled or cancelled course will be notified by e-mail from the Registrar's Office no later than August 5.

    Instructors should not be dropping students after this point except in the following cases:

    Any student lacking a stated prerequisite may be dropped.

    Language intro level courses. Enrollments will be settled after placement exams in September. Students enrolling in any language sequence courses for the first time, and with some experience in the language, should expect to take the placement exam and/or confer with the department about placement.

  • Online registration will be open from August 6 or 13 through August 18. You may select another course as long as the course is open and not Instructor or Department Consent.

    Instructors who drop students from a course may have e-mailed the students with suggestions on alternate courses. You may seek further advice from the course instructor, from department chairs, from other instructors in the department, or your academic advisor.
    It will help to broaden your focus. Identify what about the course interested you and use the catalog search on Subject Attributes or Distribution Attributes to identify other courses that may be of interest.
    Check the open/closed status and Instructor or Department Consent on the catalog or in PeopleSoft.
    If a course is already closed or Instructor Consent, you may contact the instructor and ask to be on a waitlist, but keep in mind that space may not become available. Contact instructors by e-mail.
    Department Consent also means the course has a waitlist, but you should contact the department office rather than the individual instructor.

  • The easiest way to check a course status is in the catalog while you are browsing for courses. Drill down on a subject and then on Fall course offerings. The open/closed status displays to the right of the course section listings. If the course is Instructor or Department consent, 'Inst' or 'Dept' will display in the right most column.

    You can also check a course status in PeopleSoft through the Class Search (on the Student Center, under the Class Search menu, or when adding classes).  The open/closed status displays on search results as a blue square if closed or a green circle if open.  Click the section link on search results to drill down to Class Details and any instructor or department consent will be listed under Enrollment Information.  Much easier to check the catalog first before you get into PeopleSoft.

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